The Wine Merchant Thailand

The Wine Merchant Thailand

Frederic Magnien

Of all our Burgundy producers, Frédéric Magnien, with his impressive selection of historic premier cru and grand cru terroirs, offers the most complete experience for those passionate about Burgundy wines.

For those just beginning their exploration, Magnien Burgundy is the ideal gateway to truly understanding the myriad tastes that this wine region promises.

Each of Magnien’s many exemplary crus brings you closer to the true meaning of terroir—whether the orange essence of grand cru Echezeaux or the chocolaty core of Morey ‘Millandes.’

And for those who have already been seduced by all that is Burgundy, Magnien offers a lifetime of exploration into the region’s most impressive and rare vineyards, now all within reach.

Two years after the restoration of the family estate (18 hectares) in 2008, Frédéric undertook a total conversion of his vineyard after going through the organic stage. No chemical input is used in both cases but a significant difference for him: “Organic culture maintains life naturally in the soil; biodynamics stimulates and revives the terroirs”.
The Wine Merchant Thailand
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