The Wine Merchant Thailand

The Wine Merchant Thailand

Michel Magnien

The Wine Merchant Thailand
Michel Magnien represents the fourth generation of wine growers of the Magnien family. From a very young age, he worked on the vineyard of his father, Bernard Magnien (third generation) owner of 4 hectares of vines.

From 1967 til 1991, Michel Magnien and his wife Dominique acquired many parcels of vines that they cultivate, care for, harvest and vinify with passion.

Frédéric Magnien, Michel’s son, joins the family estate and encouraged his father to put all their harvests in bottles.

After years of application, Domaine Michel Magnien is certified in biodynamic by Demeter. At each stage, their work follows the rhythm of the synodic cycle of the moon. They are fully committed to organic agricultural principles in their management of vines and wines.

Thanks to Michel Magnien’s special care for his vines over the years, the wines are unique and faithful to the best terroirs in Burgundy.

The Estate is now managed by Frédéric, the fifth generation, who strives to raise our wines at the highest level of quality.
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