The Wine Merchant Thailand

The Wine Merchant Thailand

Alex Gambal

The Wine Merchant Thailand
Because of his passion for Burgundy, Alex Gambal left the world of real estate to explore the fascinating wine region.

Son of a parking lot entrepreneur in Washington DC, Alex Gambal came to Burgundy to work with wine broker Becky Wasserman and then stayed on to develop his own négociant company, now well established just outside the walls of Beaune.

After attending viticultural school in Beaune, he created Domaine Alex Gambal in 1997 with the goal to express character, terroir and purity of each wine.

Alex Gambal firmly believes that there are no great wines without great grapes, and thus focuses on the vineyard and the work necessary to harvest the ripest, healthiest grapes possible. They allow nature to express each vintage uniquely, by using indigenous yeasts naturally found on the grapes.

The approach is quality minded, and sometimes his own team will even be picking the grapes. Winemaking is traditional with minimal intervention.

Production ceiling is 60 000 bottles a year.

Maison Gambal was then sold to Boisset family late 2019.
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