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Leovile Las Cases

Chateau Leoville Las Cases has one of the longest histories in the Medoc.

Chateau Leoville Las Cases has remained a family-owned vineyard. Michel Delon managed the estate from 1976, through 2000. After the passing of Michel Delon in 2000, his son, Jean Hubert Delon took over managing the property and has continued increasing the quality of the wines here.

With its 98 hectares of planted vines, Léoville las Cases is the largest of the three Léoville. It represents 60% and the heart (the famous walled enclosure) of the former Domaine de Léoville.

The sheer quality of Léoville-Las Cases derives from its exceptional vineyard land, above all a 55-hectare parcel called “Clos de Léoville las Cases” which forms the backbone of the Grand Vin de Léoville.

“If a single wine estate in Bordeaux today were to be promoted to the rank of Premier Cru Classé, Léoville las Cases would be the choice of most claret connoisseurs. The 98 hectare estate is in the appellation of Saint-Julien on the border of Pauillac and abuts some of the best vineyards of its lofty neighbour Château Latour. Perhaps this is why the structured and racy wines of Las Cases so often resemble those of Latour.” – James Suckling.

The Delon family, headed by Jean Hubert Delon and his sister, Genevieve d’Alton still own and manage Chateau Leoville Las Cases today.
The Wine Merchant Thailand
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