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The Wine Merchant Thailand

Chateau Malherbe

The Wine Merchant Thailand
In Bormes les Mimosas, on the Mediterranean coast, Château Malherbe is a 60-hectare property, composed of two unique and preserved terroirs: Malherbe on the foothills of Cap Bénat and Pointe du Diable on the sea front (28 hectares).

Here, on the grounds of the former farm of the fort of Brégançon, the Ferrari family, has been cultivating the vine for four generations. They produce fine AOC Côte De Provence and Vin De France wines in biodynamic viticulture.

The property was acquired in 1940 by Louis Ferrari, a textile industrialist from the Lyon region.

Then, Maurice Arène, child of a family of horticulturists from Hyeres who became a famous florist in Paris, bought the property from the Ferraris just after the war. In 1952, his only daughter Mireille, married Serge Ferrari, the grandson of the seller. In 1960, Mireille and Serge Ferrari transformed the property into a 100% wine estate which gradually became a well-known estate in Provence.

Under the leadership of Mireille Ferrari, Château Malherbe became one of the first vineyards in the region to be bottle and sell their wines at the property.

Today Sébastien and Romain Ferrari, the 4th generation, manage the estate.

The Malherbe terroir is a true monopoly and the signature of the estate. The viticulture and vinification using a know-how both Modern and ancestral and respects a terroir which has been cultivated for over 100 years.

Chateau Malherbe’s signature Rosé, rich and fresh; Their fresh and opulent terroir White wine; and their Red Wine, with its Burgundian elegance.

“Respect for the land, for history, for demanding methods, but above all the desire to perpetuate longlasting know-how while making it evolve in a sustainable manner, are the family’s watchwords”.
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