The Wine Merchant Thailand

The Wine Merchant Thailand

Domaine Garon

The Wine Merchant Thailand
he Garon family have one of the longer histories in the Northern Rhone Valley that dates all the way back to 1475, starting with Guillaume Garon. However, the modern era for Domaine Garon begins in 1995, when they began to bottle and sell their own wine.

The Garon family began planting the vineyards in 1982. At the time, the land had gone fallow, so it was quite an undertaking, as the vineyard had to be planted from scratch. Once the vines were able to produce, the initial harvests were sold to Guigal.

Today, Domaine Garon bottles more than 90% of their harvest, the remaining grapes are sold to Guigal.

Domaine Garon owns 5 hectares of vines in Cote Rotie. When young, the wines should be decanted at least 1-2 hours, give or take, allowing the wines to soften and open their perfume.

Older vintages might need very little decanting, just enough to remove the sediment.
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