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The Wine Merchant Thailand

Tenuta di Trinoro

The Wine Merchant Thailand
It has quickly become a myth and wine lovers from all over the world are enthusiastic when they hear the name.

We are talking about the Tenuta di Trinoro of the cult winemaker Andrea Franchetti, which lies in a godforsaken part of Tuscany south of the Brunello area.

Franchetti, who has been composing his wines since the beginning of the nineties with a visionary mixture of art and craftsmanship, always makes the concentrated and complex alcoholic drops available on the market in small quantities and at high prices the best without following fashion trends.

In the vineyards of the Tenuta di Trinoro, the vines, which stand at a high density of up to 10,000 plants per hectare, mature in seventeen parcels at 450 to 600 metres above sea level.

In the cellar, Franchetti’s use of technology is not exaggerated. The owner, supported by Teresa Gaspar, a winemaker trained in Lisbon, ferments the must in small cement vats using indigenous yeasts.

“If I were to attempt to summarize Franchetti’s approach to wine, I would settle on the word: ‘oneness.’ Here we have a single man, who makes a wine of a single style at the only wine estate that exists in this unexplored region.” – ROBERT PARKER
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