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The Wine Merchant Thailand

Ca del Baio

First, the name. Ca’ Del Baio. Short for Casa del Baio which is Piemontese for ‘House of the Bay’. Bay is the Piemontese word for a dark colored horse. This explains the horse in the Ca’ Del Baio logo.

The Cascina Vallegrande farmhouse and land (now Ca’ Del Baio house and winery) was purchased in 1870 by Giulio’s great grandfather Giuseppe Grasso. In addition to the original land which was in Treiso, additional land was accrued (most notably vineyards in Asili in Barbaresco) over time as members of the family married other Barbaresco locals.

Ca’ Del Baio is currently owned by Giulio and Luciana and run (mostly) by their daughters Paola, Valentina and Federica.

The Grasso family owns and farms a total of 28 hectares or approximately 69 acres.

The vineyards are spread between Treiso and Barbaresco (both villages are within the Barbaresco region). The winery is located in the village of Asili (between Treiso and Barbaresco).

They make their wines with 100% estate grown fruit and though the star of the show is Nebbiolo they also (as is typical) grow Dolcetto and Barbera as well as (less typically but not uncommonly) small amounts of Moscato and Chardonnay.

Their best vines go into making their estate cru Barbaresco’s from their Asili, Pora, Vallegrande and Marcarini vineyards.

The vines for these wines are between 25-40 years old.
The Wine Merchant Thailand
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