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Hayman's Gin

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The ginealogy of Hayman’s dates back over 150 years, making the producers the only family of original English gin makers still distilling today.

In 1863 the inventive pharmacist James Burrough, along with cordials and medicines, started producing gin in London. All the recipes that he came up with are still used to this day and preciously kept in old notebooks.

Once sales took off the in the UK, James’ son started exporting the gin to the USA and Canada under the Burrough name. Then, Marjorie Burrough married Neville Hayman who was known for producing Beefeater gin amongst others. Neville helped the company to survive WWII and his son, who took over after him, rescued it from being acquired by Whitbread (a large hospitality company that now owns Beefeater, Costa Coffee and many other brands).

The business changed its name to Hayman Distillers and from then on carried on producing gin following the original recipes in their traditional copper pot still “Marjorie” – named after Marjorie Hayman.

Unlike other gins distilled today, their full range of True English Gins are produced just as they would have been when the family first started distilling over 150 years ago.

All their gins benefit from a traditional two-day process – just as they would have in 1863, allowing the flavours to develop and marry before the gentle heat of the small-batch copper pot still is introduced.

Every gin is distilled using 100% English wheat, prized for its neutral character that allows the botanical brilliance to shine through.

Where other brands have modernised their approach, Hayman’s have chosen to showcase through their range the traditional distillation approaches and period recipes that are intrinsic to the style.

It’s believed this is how all true English Gin should be made.
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