The Wine Merchant Thailand

The Wine Merchant Thailand

Tenute Folonari

Folonari is one of the most famous Italian wine companies and one of the oldest of Italy.

Today, Ambrogio Folonari and his son Giovanni lead the company – which is in business since the end of 1700’s – thanks to their ancestors, who would have never imagined to give a great contribution to write the history of Italian wine.

In 1825, Fratelli Folonari S.p.A. started its business, completely owned by the family and with a precise goal: developing, producing and commercializing the best Italian wines all over the world.

The main grape variety is Sangiovese, however in the vineyards is cultivated Cabernet Sauvignon as well – for the production of the Supertuscan Pareto – and Chardonnay, for the white wine Le Bruniche.

The company is involved in every step of production, from the cultivation of the grapes in its vineyards to bottling the final product.

Each label bears the trademark of the estate which grew the grapes for that wine, and therefore create an unique character to that particular wine.
The Wine Merchant Thailand
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