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The Wine Merchant Thailand

Mee Godard

The Wine Merchant Thailand
Mee Godard was born in South Korea to farmers, adopted at nine months old by a French couple, educated in France and then headed to the US, where she did an undergraduate biochemistry degree specialising in wine science at Oregon State University, and onto Masters in the Department of Food Science and Technology, studying polyphenolics, plant physiology and ‘a bit of viticulture’.

Mee Godard didn’t grow up in a winemaking family, so she had to carve her own path. She headed to Burgundy, interned at Maison Chanson, Domaines des Comtes Lafon and Corton André.

At the beginning of 2013, she finally found five Beaujolais hectares (12 acres) she could call her own.Right from the start, she began working according to the principles of lutte raisonnée but by 2016 she’d begun working organically, getting rid of herbicides and using mechanical tillage in 2017. The longer-term goal is to introduce biodynamic practices into the vineyard.

All her vintages have so far proved to be excellent, if different from one another, demonstrating the consistency and transparency of a good winemaker. They are wines that evolve beautifully with age, and yet they are compelling when young.
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