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The Wine Merchant Thailand

Nicola Gatta

Nicola Gatta is a generous and energetic winemaker who produces Classic Method sparkling wines that are packed with personality.

The winery is located in Gussago, in the province of Brescia and in the easternmost area of Franciacorta, where a young, bearded and sturdy man named Nicola cultivates his 5.5 hectares with love and passion.

He is a producer who has always put nature first, respecting and supporting it through his know-how and through an approach that follows the principles of biodynamics.

The sparkling wines of Nicola Gatta are made from the classic grapes of the area, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which are cultivated at an altitude of around 400 metres on limestone hills.

In the vineyard the young producer avoids any form of chemicals involving fertilisers, insecticides or herbicides, allowing nature to find its own way spontaneously.

In the cellar, fermentation is spontaneous and catalysed by indigenous yeasts, and there is no use of filtration, clarification or the massive addition of sulphur dioxide.

In addition, the ageing times are measured in moons, following biodynamic principles, and each moon corresponds to approximately 29 days, which is the period between two full moons.

The Classic Method Gatta wines reflect Nicola’s intense, sunny and farming spirit.

They have a delicate and very fine perlage, which penetrates a slightly cloudy coat that tends to pale yellow (the colour is due to the absence of filtration).

With rustic aromas, and hints of baked goods, pastries, dried fruit and citrus fruits, they offer a bold, vital and distinctive taste, without sacrificing the elegance associated with the world of bubblies.

This wine is truly the authentic and expressive face of the Franciacorta area!
The Wine Merchant Thailand
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