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De Laborde

The Wine Merchant Thailand
From a simple fortress near Beaune to the “Versailles of Burgundy” In 1119, La Borde de Reulée was a simple fortress located just a short distance from Beaune. From the 11th to the 13th centuries the estate belonged to the Dukes of Burgundy.

In 1645, the Barony was transformed into a Marquisate for Denis Brûlart, the first President of the Parliament of Dijon. His son, Nicolas II Brûlart, built a magnificent château which was completed in 1678 and became known as the ‘Versailles of Burgundy’. It brought fame to the village, which was subsequently named La Borde au Château.

According to historical documents, in 1704, Château de Laborde farmed at least 90 “ouvrées” (3.85 hectares) of vineyards.

The Château was bought in 1998 by Hervé Kerlann, “A wine trotter” from Brittany with a childhood in Libourne, and his wife Mandy, who fell in love with this place full of history, at the time owned by the Hospices de Beaune.

Hervé’s life has always been strongly linked with the wine world. He first created his own fine wine distribution company in 1993, working with Robert Groffier, Méo-Camuzet, Mikulski, and many others.

Today the estate represents 4 hectares in ownership completed by contracts of grapes for a total of 9 hectares, all vinified, aged and bottled at the Château by Hervé. He defines his winemaking as using the best resources available to him, ignoring a very “old world” administrative classification.

For nearly twenty years, stone by stone, vintage by vintage, Hervé has worked tirelessly to reconnect Château de Laborde to its wine-growing past. Thanks to his commitment, Château de Laborde’s nine centuries of remarkable history live on.
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