The Wine Merchant Thailand

The Wine Merchant Thailand

Elio Grasso

“Over the last decade or so, Grasso has stepped up quality in a meaningful way. There seems to be no limit where this small family-run estate can go from here. Elio Grasso was my first stop on my fall tasting trip. As has been the case for a number of years, Grasso’s Barolos sit at a very high level within the hierarchy of Piedmont’s top estates.” – ANTONIO GALLONI

The Grasso Estate has been in the family for generations, but the modern era began when Elio’s father, who was getting on in years and finding it increasingly difficult to manage the property, decided it was time to sell. Never the less, Elio realized that the property was part of his soul, something that was near and dear to him and something he could never let leave the family if at all possible. So he began to come back on weekends and holiday to help his father, and decided he would leave his career in banking and come back to build the family estate.

Elio saw a vision and the changes coming to the business, and began to transform the property, with its excellent vineyard holdings, into the top-notch estate it is today.

They began to bottle the Barolos individually as Crus, the replanted where needed, rebuilt and expanded the cellars and spared no expense or amount of labor to make the very best wines they possible could.

Today, with Elio’s son Gianluca at the helm, the wines are consistently some of the very best year in year out.

Their holding in Gavarini Chineria and Ginstra are superb sites, and every wine they make from Chardonnay to Dolcetto and Barbera, Langhe Nebbiolo and the Barolos are beautifully crafted, with a style that is a blend of traditional and modern that produces wines with ample fruit concentration, purity, great energy and nerve, and are refections of the vineyards and grapes they are made from.

Truly one of the top wineries of all those we work with, this is a reliable source of world class wines from the everyday affordable to the exquisite, cellar worthy classics.
The Wine Merchant Thailand
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