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Idda by Gaja

The Wine Merchant Thailand
IDDA is a result of the joint venture between Gaja and Graci on Etna, the highest active volcano of Europe.

Angelo Gaja has been intrigued with Etna since his friend, the oenologist Giacomo Tachis, first introduced him to its splendor in the late 90’s. In his mind, the powerful image of the mountain has always remained alive. Etna, the sleeping giant, sometimes awake, and often grumbling; a royal figure wearing snow as an ermine fur on its shoulders.

In 2015, Angelo Gaja and Alberto Graci met for the first time. Toward the end of 2016, based on their mutual respect and love of the artisanal approach, the first ever joint-venture between the two families were formed.

IDDA, in honor of Etna, is the name of this new adventure.

“Idda” means “she” in the Sicilian dialect, which is the term of endearment and awe with which Sicilians refer to her. Etna is more than a mountain; a breathing being with her own identity and personality, a quick-tempered, capricious, yet maternal and protective mother on whom her inhabitants depend on each day.

While the most developed and valued variety on Etna is Nerello Mascalese, covering 80% of the vineyards, Idda focuses mainly on Carricante. They believe in the bright future of Etna white wines and on Carricante’s potential to develop great complexity and aging potential along with moderate alcohol and sharp acidity.
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