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Ca' Marcanda

The Wine Merchant Thailand
Ca’Marcanda is winery by the GAJA Family in the Bolgheri area, a project that was born in 1996 propelled by Angelo’s ambition to challenge himself with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

The name Ca’Marcanda comes from the Piedmontese dialect: “Ca’” is a short for “House” while “Marcanda” can be translated with the word “Market”. The translation of the name is “The House of Endless Negotiations”. Angelo managed to buy the land in 1996 after a lengthy wooing process. The construction of the winery started in 1998 and finished in 2001.

Ca’ Marcanda has a total of 120 hectares of vineyards, divided between the areas of Bolgheri (70 hectares, the initial land we bought in 1996 and where the winery is located) and Bibbona (50 hectares, gradually bought in the last 20 years).

They produce four wines in Ca’Marcanda: Vistamare, Promis, Magari and Camarcanda.

It is impossible to understand the beauty of Bolgheri wines without visiting this area. While wines from Langhe can be described as severe, austere, pure and essential, Bolgheri ones are welcoming, colorful, relaxing and wild.
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