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The Wine Merchant Thailand

Henri Giraud

The Wine Merchant Thailand
Henri Giraud was famously labelled by wine critic Robert Parker as “the greatest Champagne you’ve never heard of”

Once only sold to those ‘in the know’ in France and Italy, Henri Giraud’s unique Champagnes now have a global presence.

The history of the Champagne Giraud estate began in 1625 with the contemporary period of Henri V and his heirs. The Hémart family returned definitively to AŸ at the beginning of the 17th century where they found their roots and there began the era of champagne from the 18th century onwards.

The house’s signature style is to ferment and age in Argonne oak barrels, giving the wine luxurious and full-bodied characters which place them in the league of Krug and Bollinger.

Production is limited to just 250,000 bottles a year – keeping demand high.

His top cuvée, Fut de Chene, is dominated by Pinot Noir, while their house-style is a Champagne blend with oak-aged Chardonnay.

Generation after generation, the Giraud-Hémart family built one of the finest areas of Champagne. Reviving the purest tradition, the Henri Giraud house had rebuilt the first oak casks of Argonne, which gives to its champagnes a true elegance and special woody flavor.

Lovers of winey, complex champagnes, this House is made for you!
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