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Fratelli Alessandria

The Wine Merchant Thailand
“Fratelli Alessandria is one of Piedmont’s under-the-radar jewels. The Alessandrias make compelling, classically-built wines from estate vineyards in Verduno and Monforte d’Alba. Best of all, the wines remain very reasonably priced by today’s standards. Readers who enjoy structured, age-worthy Barolos won’t want to be without these wines.” – Antonio Galloni

At the northern edge of the Barolo zone, the sun-bleached, sandstone homes in the village of Verduno glow in the soft morning light. A cool breeze from the river Tanaro rustles the leaves of oak trees that border south-facing vineyards, soaking up the sun’s early rays.

The Alessandria family since the mid-19th century has called this gentle landscape home.

In 1870, when the family first established their farm, calling it Fratelli Alessandria, Verduno was the center of Barolo winemaking—it was here where families first crafted dry Nebbiolo wines in the style we know today, and also bottled wines individually instead of shipping in cask.

Because of this, the village was internationally recognized as the face of Barolo and sought out by collectors across the European continent.

The family’s 30 acres of vineyards are located in Verduno and Monforte d’Alba, with a focus on Nebbiolo; other grape varieties include Dolcetto, Barbera and the rare Pelaverga, a grape native to Verduno and grown only in the region. White grape varieties include Favorita and Chardonnay.

Fratelli Alessandria has been impervious to many of the fads that have swept the Barolo zone over the last couple decades. They’ve preferred to nurture Verduno’s uniqueness through organic farming (uncertified for now), native fermentations with temperature control, and, for the Barolos, long aging in large cask.

This humble family and their wines have a clean, confident classicism that make them an undersung, but benchmark, producer.
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