The Wine Merchant Thailand

The Wine Merchant Thailand

Conterno Fantino

The fact that the Barolo area, and indeed the whole of Piedmont, has become an important meeting place for gourmets and wine connoisseurs is due in part to the Conterno Fantino winery.

Claudio Conterno and Guido Fantino already came into contact with wine production in the heart of Piedmont through their own grandparents and parents.

The resulting inspiration and many years of experience still characterize the winery’s exceptional position in the Italian wine world today.

In the eyes of the two founders, the careful, manual selection of the grapes and the preservation of the typical characteristics of the varieties are decisive factors for a high level of quality.

Ecological sustainability, spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, low sulphite content and the careful use of French wooden barrels result in a unique wine collection every year.

The Barolo wines from Conterno Fantino are now among the best and the most sought-after in the region. They are rich in tannins, long-lasting and, due to the distinctive fruit, can be enjoyed young.
The Wine Merchant Thailand
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