The Wine Merchant Thailand

The Wine Merchant Thailand

Domaine Joblot

“This is Givry’s best estate” – Clive Coates MW, The Wine of Burgundy

“Justifiably recognized as one of the great producers in Burgundy” – Robert Parker

The wines of Givry have been heralded since the era of Henri IV, but ever since phylloxera hit the Côte Chalonnaise in the late 1800s, the appellation has been slow to recover.

Domaine Joblot led the resurgence and is credited by many for putting Givry on the Burgundy map. Givry has a natural amphitheater that shelters the village from westerly winds, and the rocky, limestone soils give a chiseled minerality to the wines.

Today, with the dynamic Juliette Joblot at the helm, the family’s 13.5 hectares are farmed sustainably, with nine hectares of premier crus.

While each parcel is vinified separately, each cuvée undergoes natural fermentation in the same manner so that the character of the individual terroirs come through.

The resulting reds are plush, spicy and balanced, and the partner white wines are sumultaneously dense and lively.

Joblot wines are plush, spicy and charming. They drink well upon release and have a track record for ageability.
The Wine Merchant Thailand
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