The Wine Merchant Thailand

The Wine Merchant Thailand


The Wine Merchant Thailand
A winemaking heritage in Volnay dating back to the 1600s, Pascal Roblet currently manages Domaine Roblet Monnot.

An early pioneer of a respectful approach in the vineyards, Pascal has been organically farming his 9 hectares since taking over the Domaine and biodynamically since 1997.

Pascal is a strict follower of the lunar calendar, as he even holds up shipping a container to bottle at the correct phase of the moon.

High-density planting, very low yields, strict sorting practiced in the vineyards to achieve pristine fruit quality. In the cellar, grapes are generally destemmed with whole cluster use vintage dependant, rarely punched down, and a longer maturation with modest new oak use (max 20%) in barrels of lighter toast.

Pascal’s commitment to fulfilling the highest potential of the commune gives his wines an uncommon intensity and structure with great purity and class.
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