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Leoville Poyferre

The Wine Merchant Thailand
Traditionally, Bordeaux estates were named after their owners or founders. But histories path to the ownership of Chateau Leoville Poyferre is a long and winding road shared with Chateau Leoville Las Cases starting all the way back to 1638.

The Saint Julien property was divided in 1840. Pierre Jean de Las Cases, the oldest son received a share, which became Château Leoville Las Cases. His sister, Jeanne, passed on her share to her daughter, wife of Baron Jean-Marie Poyferre de Ceres. That is the birth of what we know as Leoville Poyferre.

In 1979, Didier Cuvelier took charge of Leoville Poyferre. Under his intelligent direction, the vineyard has almost doubled in size, from 48 hectares up to its current size of 80 planted hectares.

In 2014, a new facility was constructed at the property celebrating that early design as the now, modernized building is a long rectangle with a small tower on both sides. This is quite similar to the estate’s original design.

Following the 2017 vintage, Didier Cuvelier retired. Sara Lecompte Cuvelier, the niece of Didier Cuvelier and the sister of Anne Cuvelier, took over managing the estate.

Leoville Poyferre is clearly one of the most exciting properties in Saint Julien and all of the Medoc today.
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