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Chateau Angelus

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Chateau Angelus has one of the longest histories in the St. Emilion appellation.

The de Bouard family has an even longer history in the region. In fact, the de Bouard family has been in Bordeaux since 1544, according to family archives. In 1626 the de Bouard family began buying land in the Dordogne where they eventually settled.

They arrived in St. Emilion in 1910, which marks the true birth of what we know of as Chateau Angelus today.

Chateau Angelus takes its name from a common, everyday event.

On a daily basis, the people working their vineyards heard sounds of bells from three local churches.

That sound inspired the now famous name of the chateau as well as the logo and the sculpture of the logo that appears in the backyard of the property.

Since 1989, Chateau Angelus has been considered one of the top estates in the entire Right Bank.

Hubert de Bouard joined the family business at Chateau Angelus after graduating from Bordeaux University. After taking over from his father, Jacques de Bouard starting with the 1988 vintage, Hubert began rapidly making changes at Angelus starting with a name change.

He changed the name from L’Angelus to Angelus. He said, “This allows the wine to show up first in alphabetized lists.” He was right!

In January 2022, Stephanie de Bouard announced that Chateau Angelus would no longer be a part of the Classification following the footsteps of Chateau Cheval Blanc and Chateau Ausone.

Starting with the 2022 vintage, Chateau Angelus will no longer state Premier Cru Classe A on the label.
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