The Wine Merchant Thailand

The Wine Merchant Thailand

Charles Merser

Many years ago, London was the hub of rum and its streets were full of rum blending houses. The rum merchants were not actually distilling the rum but sourcing it from the Caribbean and skilfully blending it here in London. The rum was then shipped and enjoyed all over the world.

However, In 1933, the West India Docks were engulfed in fire with approximately half of Rum Quay being destroyed along with the loss of much rum. The area was further damaged in the 1940s during the Second World War. This also coincided with newer ships being unable to use London’s shallow docks and rum being sold in bottles rather than in casks.

By the summer of 1907, London’s rum blending had completely ceased.

“At Merser & Co, we have brought back to London the craft of rum blending – the way rum used to be made.

We source the very best of rums from Jamaica, Barbados and Dominican Republic aged for up to 12 years before blending them together with skill, care and pure London Rum passion.

Our rum is then stored in barrels in small batches in London for a period of six months – each barrel has just enough for 400 bottles of rum.

This process is called “Double Barrel” allowing the different flavours and aromas of the rum to gently harmonise together for a smoother, refined finish – the way rum should be made and enjoyed.”

Merser & Co is London’s first Rum Blending House for more than 100 years and marks a return to rum blending by the Hayman Family, best known not only for their eponymous range of gins, but also as one of London’s original rum merchants.

Merser Rum. Distilled in the Caribbean. Made in London.
The Wine Merchant Thailand
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