The Wine Merchant Thailand

The Wine Merchant Thailand

Domaine Michel Bouzereau

For seven generations, the Bouzereau family has been cultivating grapes with care, to produce a wine of Burgundy quality wine.

In 1999, Michel Bouzereau let his son, Jean-Baptiste, take over the reins of the domain. The latter observes his vines a lot and practices a respectful viticulture, in order to obtain a healthy and succulent fruit in mouth.

The Domaine Michel Bouzereau et Fils is located in the village of Meursault, on the Côte of Beaune, in Burgundy. The vines are spread over Meursault, Puligny-Montrachet and other communes.

The diversity of grape varieties, climates, soils, and the age of the vines allows Jean-Baptiste Bouzereau to create singular wines with a unique nose.

Jean-Baptiste has respected his father’s more traditionalist practices but he has instilled a fresher, livelier element to the wines which only enhances their appeal.

These wines offer very good value for money and are benchmark examples for each of the crus. They can also age better than could be expected.
The Wine Merchant Thailand
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