The Wine Merchant Thailand

The Wine Merchant Thailand

Peter Lauer

Weingut Peter Lauer, today managed by the 5th generation Florian Lauer, situated in the picturesque wine willage in Ayl, has a passion for Riesling.

The estate has among the best steep slopes on the Saar. In addition to the famous Ayler Kupp, they cultivate two other important vineyards in the Mosel region: the Saar Feilser directly above the river and the steeply sloping vineyard Schonfels, a little farther upstream. Recently, they also replanted Lambertskirch, just a stone’s throw from Schonfels.

Their white wines have been among the best in the Saar for many years, and they also produce exceptional sparkling wines.

The wines are vinified according to age-old artisanal and traditional winemaking practices and fermented spontaneously without genetically modified or cultured yeasts.

Florian’s primary goal is for the wines to reflect the place where the grapes were grown. As such, he vinifies each parcel separately with different soils, even from within the same vineyard. To taste them is to see just how transparent a wine can be. It helps that he has very old vines of up to 100 years, and as you would expect, the wines are vibrant, pure and very exciting.
The Wine Merchant Thailand
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